Hollarback Kennels

Hurry Up Kennels (New Castle, Ohio) - Brad Hanners

Running Pen

We will be opening our running pen soon to the public it is 10 acres it offers thick brush and tree tops on one side and swamp on the other side. In our pen dogs will be solo'd or packed depending on there ability and what the owner prefers. We will only be taking 2 dogs per month for now to ensure that when your dog comes it is given plenty of ground time. My planned rotation will be 6hours on 18 off giving your dog 180 hours of pen time per month per dog.

I will be in the pen with the dog most of the time watching to see how it is developing once a week it will be packed with one other dog either one of my older females or with one of the same age and ability. I will give you updates on how the dog is doing and a few short videos of it running via cell phone each week.


Full up to date on shots and in good health I run a clean kennel and will not accept any dog that I think may have a health issue that could hurt itself or any of the other dogs.This is very important to me I would prefer a vet slip prior to a dog coming if you don't have a vet I have one locally 10 minutes from my house who is very affordable.

Enough dog food to feed it for the month.

Your dog must be picked up on the agreed upon date or you will be charged extra for kenneling fee's.

I reserve the right to terminate our agreement or refuse any dog from our pen with a pro rated refund at any time.

I am not responsible for any injuries your dog sustains while running in our pen I have trained dogs in pens for 5 years now and have not had a single serious injury but they are dogs and accidents happen.


$150.00 per month

$40.00 per week

Paid on the day the dog is delivered.

I will take booking up to 2 months ahead of time if you book with me and things change please let me know I will keep a list of names in case someone cancels.

Contact me for rates if you have a pup that was born in our kennel or produced from one of our males theres a discount for being part of the team.

Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.

Brad Hanners


Circle H Kennels (Coshocton, Ohio) - Doug Hummel


Doug has an acre and a half Starting pen. He gives weekly updates on your hounds progress. In his pen your hound will receive solo and pack work with one older dog depending on its current ability and age. Located in Coshocton Ohio.


Price is based on a weeks time :$30 if you bring your own feed OR $35 if we use our feed we feed Hi- Standard

Must have had all shots up to date 
Doug will run your started dog in the wild with one of our older slower dogs call for more details

Doug Hummell
Home 740-622-7659
Cell 740-294-0831

Coffman Beagles (Mansfield, Ohio) - Bob Coffman


Two acre starting pen 20 min. east of Mansfield, Ohio. Bob will start pups on wild rabbits and his pen is set up to encourage nose work instead of sight chasing. His fee's are $30. per week. Please have your dog caught up on shots and parisite control.

Bob Coffman


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